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Eleni Tsirintani | Landscape Architect

Eleni Tsirintani was born in Crete. She studied Architecture in Athens (NTUA 2004) and received her Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona (2007). She is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects.
Eleni has collaborated with landscape architecture firms (H. Pangalou and Associates, Michel & Miquel Arquitectes and paisatgistes) in Athens and Barcelona, as well as a public space design consultant for Regional Authorities (Municipality of Orchomenos). She has gained her expertise in various small and great scale landscape projects; having, worked on public space projects, green roof design schemes and landscape restoration projects; aiming to re-establish natural balance and processes.
Eleni works on every design stage from the initial concept to the completion of a project, having extended experience in project implementation and field work. She also offers consulting services for the landscape development and maintenance on several occasions. Her wide experience allows her to approach and meet the complex demands of every project.
Along with her professional activity she publishes articles (archisearch.gr, landarchs.com, land8.com) on a regular basis, holds presentations and designs special workshops regarding Urban Design and Landscape Architecture.

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